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Seamless gutters cut on-site

Our expert team builds to the exact dimensions of your house

The Azur Gouttière team helps you choose the seamless gutter system that meets your needs on :

Existing homes

For both installations and replacements, we make a first visit to advise you on how to solve the issues you may be encountering. We assess the surface of the roof and measure the outside walls and the slope required for the rain to flow freely.

New builds

We determine the gutter overall shape and dimensions based on the house plan, and time our work to fit into the build schedule.

Once we have completed the installation, we carry out testing to ensure the water flows freely through the gutters and downpipes.

Choose your seamless gutter

Choose the material, colour and shape that best blends into your house

We specialise in seamless cut-to-length metal gutters that outlast vinyl gutters, as well as add value and appeal to your house.

aluminum gutter colors Azur Gouttière

Lacquered aluminium

Available in 25 colours, they are lightweight and are our most affordable material. Their plain finish blends well with any architectural style. 

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Zinc gutter installation 06 Azur Gouttière


Unlike aluminium, zinc does not require any paint and develops a protective patina that prevents corrosion. If your house is by the sea, keep in mind that zinc is vulnerable to seawater.

Copper gutters installation Azur Gouttiere 06 Cannes Antibes Roquefort les Pins


The ideal complement to old bastides and authentic village houses, copper gutters are like good wine: bright and shiny when they are first installed, they develop a charming verdigris patina over time. Copper is known to last over a century and holds up to extreme weather, and salt air.

Need a high-capacity gutter ?

Our choice of 25 colours in lacquered aluminium

We source our lacquered aluminium at Gutterfrance, the leading French manufacturer of aluminium reels for gutters. Their material complies with the requirements of the ECCA (European Coil Coating Association) and offers optimal resistance to corrosion and pollution, as well as over 20 years of life expectancy.

ECCA logo
aluminium gutter color chart

Corniche or half-round gutter profile

We have invested in USA-made gutter machines and build two distinct gutter profiles on-site :

half-round gutter shape


The most popular shape, it is perfect for both traditional and contemporary properties. Its smooth curve enables the rain to run smoothly down and into the centre of the downpipe.

Corniche or K shape gutters


The shape is inspired from the 19th century and blends nicely with old properties. It can also add an air of tradition to contemporary architecture.

Need a high-capacity gutter ?

Why install gutters ?

Although gutters are often overlooked when hunting for our dreamhouse, they sooner or later become critical to protect the house from rain-induced damage.
  • They extend the lifetime of the outside walls by avoiding black streaks forming

  • They reduce water seeping in the basement or crawl space

  • They stop the soil eroding and the terrace cracking around the house

  • They add value and beauty to a house

  • They reduce the noise generated by the roof runoff

Need your gutters fast ?

We offer a premium express gutter service, with a leadtime of 12 working days once our quote is approved.

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